‘The Final Girls’ premiered on opening night of SXSW 13 March 2015 to overwhelmingly positive reviews.  From being one of the most pre-buzzed about films of the Festival, it went on to have a sold out opening night with a fantastic audience reception, phenomenal reviews, and was finally labelled as one of the best films of the entire festival and a break out hit!


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“The Final Girls is a brilliant, hysterically funny riff on the camp slasher subgenre and on the innate sexisms of horror movies in general, but it’s also a sneakily touching film about nostalgia and grief and what happens when you allow those things to stop you from living…” – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

““The Final Girls” doesn’t just follow in“Cabin”’s footprints, it surpasses it. With its hilarious insight into campy horror flicks and its strong, emotional characters, “The Final Girls” exceeds expectations of a growing genre…” – DAILY TEXAN

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The Final Girls is an experience not to be missed, whether you’re a horror fan or not… “ – WE GOT THIS COVERED

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The Final Girls is a horror comedy through and through, but Akerman and Farmiga build such an honest, heartfelt relationship between Max and her mother’s Camp Bloodbath character that the movie actually manages to conjure a tear or two…”– COLLIDER

I predict that in a year or so all of the horror movie buffs will witness The Final Girls and be blown away just as they were with Scream and Cabin In The Woods…” – POPSHIFTER

The Final Girls is a goofy blast, but it’s also a movie that feels, and that makes for quite an unexpected gem…” – BAD ASS DIGEST

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